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Dr. Renata Dividino

I am from Brazil and have been living in Germany since 2005. I have got my Master degree in Saarbrücken and I am now a doctoral student at the institute WeST and advised by Prof. Staab. I have been working at the institute WeST since Oct. 2008. My home town is now Koblenz where I love to live and enjoy the time with my husband and kids. 

My research interests are mainly in the field of Linked Open Data and in particular related to the analysis of how the data changes over time. I also study the use of metadata information such as timestamps, data trust, data provider for improving Web Applications, for instance, for debugging and ranking data. I have worked in different research projects involving semantic web technologies and languages. Furthermore, I work as a teaching assistant in classes such as the database course, the Linked Data seminar, and semantic Web courses.