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MSc Web and Data Science: Application

For technical reasons, it is still undefined when the application interface for ‚Master in Web and Data Science‘ can be opened. Applying from abroad is a lengthy process. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply for the Master in Web Science now and transfer into the Master in Web and Data Science when you arrive at the University of Koblenz-Landau. We will accept all requests to transfer from Master in Web Science into Master in Web and Data Science. 

The application procedure depends on various factors. Follow this chart to find out how you should apply.

A) Uni-assist's Application Portal

Application Procedure

Students with a degree from outside of Germany, who are not currently studying at a German university, apply via Uni-assist. Uni-assist is an external service provider and not affiliated with the University of Koblenz-Landau. Uni-assist checks your higher education entrance qualification („Hochschulzugangsberechtigung“) and Master's entrance qualification ("Masterzugangsberechtigung"). More information about the application via Uni-assist can be found in our university's guidelines regarding Uni-assist. Uni-assist also provides a detailed description of the process.

How to register at uni-assist

Application opens on 1st February (for winter term in the same year) and on 1st August (for next year's summer term). To find our program quickly, log in into the uni-assist portal, click on application, choose your desired semester, select „Koblenz-Landau, Universität Koblenz Landau“ from the university drop-down list, and enter „Web Science“ into the course name field. (See the video below). Note: Until the "Web and Data science" button is available, please apply for Web Science. Make sure to select the correct semester, as in some months you can apply for both winter and summer term.

How to select Web Science within uni-assist

If you have any questions on this step, please refer to Uni-assist—we do not have insight on your application during this phase.

Please pay the Uni-assist fee as early as possible, because Uni-assist will start processing your application only after you paid the fee. Uni-assist offers a detailed description of payment options. After payment is complete, it takes Uni-assist about 6 weeks to process your application. Until uni-assist notifies you that your application has been sent to our University, we do not have access to your data, so please direct any inquiries about the application status to Uni-assist and not to us.

If uni-assist confirms that you are legally allowed to take up a Master's program in Germany, your application gets forwarded to us at Institute WeST. Uni-assist informs you that your application gets forwarded to us, but it will take approx. 1 week until we get access to the data. We will then check if you fulfill requirements and decide if you will be admitted or not, after which we will forward our decision to the University's Office of the Registrar. Successful applicants will receive notification from our University's Registrar's Office approx. 2 weeks after Uni-assist sends the documents to us. Rejected applicants will receive notification later. Please do not ask us about the status of your application before at least four weeks have passed after Uni-assist has sent us your documents. 

Required Documents

Our university provides a list of required documents. Please make sure your documents are officially certified—details can be found at

Keep in mind that these documents must be delivered both electronically and per postal mail. If not issued in English or German, you must also provide an officially certified translation. Do not forget to include an English language certificate as listed on our requirements section.


Due to the lengthy program application process (around 6-7 weeks) and visa wait times (up to 3 months, depending on country), we strongly advise non-EU applicants to send the complete application to Uni-assist and pay the Uni-assist fee as early as possible, at the very latest by 15 May (for winter term) or 15 November (for summer term). Otherwise, you will very likely run into time issues. EU students should apply no later than 15 June for the winter semester and by 15 December for the summer semester.

Also, you must have arrived in Koblenz at the start of the semester (1st April for the summer term, 1st October for winter term) and enroll within the first three weeks of April or October.

B) University's Application Portal

Application Procedure: If you have studied in Germany before

Students with a German Bachelor's or Master's degree from Germany (not enrolled at the University of Koblenz-Landau) apply directly at the University of Koblenz-Landau's application portal. General information on the application can be obtained at our university's help site for applicants (in German). The university opens application for winter term approximately in June, for the summer term in December. 

You will receive a binding list of required documents after online application. For starters, follow this list, it is the same list as for the application via uni-assist.

Please address questions regarding your application to the leader of the Student's Office, Ms. Scholten.

Application Procedure: If you have used uni-assist before

Students with a degree from outside of Germany that have already had their application to any German university apply as above.

In addition, they need to submit a transcript of records (if already enrolled at another German university) and an "Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung" issued by the German university at which they are studying currently. 


The Web and Data Science Master's program is excepted from the university-wide application deadlines (15th of July or January). Applications are welcome on an ongoing basis and admittance is possible until available places are filled or the term starts.

However, keep in mind that administrative processes take some time and a late application could interfere with your scheduled start of studies. As a rule of thumb, July (for winter term) or January (for summer term) are reasonable, non-binding deadlines. Your application will be processed even if you submit it after July or January. 

Also, you must have arrived in Koblenz at the start of the semester (1st April for the summer term, 1st October for winter term) and enroll within the first three weeks of April or October.

C) Transfer within Koblenz University

Students who are already enrolled at the University of Koblenz-Landau, please contact Ms. Weidenbach <> for changing the course.