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MSc Web and Data Science: Excellence in Teaching

Top Scores in CHE Ranking

CHE_ranking_150_o_rgb.pngIn Germany's authoritative CHE Ranking of 2015/2016, the department of computer science at the University of Koblenz-Landau earned top scores for its teaching. Especially the categories "studying situation overall" and "supervision by lecturers" received excellent ratings.

The Centre for Higher Education (CHE) highlighted teaching at the faculty of Computer Science for its multidisciplinarity, hands-on training, and transfer of key competencies such as communication skills and project management. In addition, students are given the flexibility to choose parts of their courses in order to follow their individual interests and goals. Lecturers are generally devoted to providing individual feedback and preparing students for exams. 

Notably, the faculty of Computer Science excels not only in teaching but also research: On average, each researcher secures 126,000 EUR external funding and publishes 4.2 articles per year. By these achievements, the faculty ranks fourth place among German universities.

The CHE ranking is the largest and most detailed ranking in the German-speaking region; 2,300 German students participated in the ranking of 2015/2016.

Landmark in the Land of Ideas

In 2015, the Master Program in Web Science received the renowned federal award "Landmarks in the Land of Ideas" in a competition that carried the slogan „Urban Space. Rural Space. Cyberspace!“ By this award, the initiative „Germany – Land of Ideas“ and Deutsche Bank honoured excellent ideas and projects that address the challenges of digital transformation.

An independent jury of 18 persons, supported by an advisory board, elected 100 winners in six categories: Economy, culture, science, environment, education, and society. The jury gave special recognition to the interdisciplinary approach of our Web Science program and noted that it empowers students to understand and master the technical, social, political, and commercial challenges of the Web. Laudators praised the vision and supra-regional impact of the program and the integration of all areas, from the economy over science to culture and society.

Nationwide, more than 1,000 research organizations, companies, start-ups, and associations submitted their trendsetting projects, among which the Master's Program in Web Science was the only study course that received an award in 2015.