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MSc Web Science: Visa Information

Generally, all students from outside the European Union require a visa to enter Germany. However, there are exceptions for several countries. Click here for a list offered by Federal Forein Office of Germany

You can apply for a visa before entering Germany at the German embassy in your home country. Applying for a student visa can take serveral months, so please apply early. Foreigners who intend to study in Germany might have to prove that they have sufficient financial means (approx. 659 € per month) for their study and costs of living. Some applicants might have to provide proof of health insurance. In such cases we suggest to buy travel insurance in your home country and regular health insurance here in Germany (cf. our help page on steps to undertake after arrival).

If your embassy asks for German language proficiency proof, we could issue a letter confirming that speaking German is not required to participate in our programme.

Further information regarding visa regulations is provided by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany

Regardless from visa regulations, every student has to undertake several administrative steps after arrival in Germany (see page "After your Arrival").