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Jérôme Kunegis

If you are like me, then you are using Wikipedia a lot for reading up on computer science, math and related areas. These types of articles contain a lot of math notation, and luckily Wikipedia supports Latex code for typesetting all sum symbols, integrals and thousands of other types of special mathematic notation. 

19. 07. 2017
Jérôme Kunegis

I usually run scientific experiments on the command line in an xterm.  In many cases, I have multiple xterms (or Gnome terminals, or KDE terminals) open in parallel to run different experiments, for running top, for file management, etc.  In my desktop’s task bar, all these xterms appear under the same name “xterm”.  This is confusing since I don’t know which xterm is which.  Therefore, I wrote

22. 02. 2017
Rene Pickhardt

If anyone wants to share code and want to have it visible in the West Repository this can be done via github. just create your own personal account and push your code to your public repository. tell us and from the West repository we can fork or mirror your repo to the WeST account.

22. 02. 2017
Thomas Gottron

Assume you have a knowledge base containing entities and their properties or relations with other entities. For instance, think of a knowledge base about movies, actors and directors. For the movies you have structured knowledge about the title and the year they were made in, while for the actors and directors you might have their names as well as their date and place of birth.

14. 02. 2017
Leon Kastler
As a part of our daily work at the institute, we not only encounter scientific problems but also technical. Installing programs, using specific hardware, or processing data can be tricky from time to time.

In this category, we will post about these things and (hopefully) about their solutions.

01. 02. 2017
Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab

Recently there was a nice keynote given at ESWC-2013 by Enrico Motta about “What does it mean to be semantic? On the effective use of semantics in the Semantic Web”.

28. 12. 2016
Leon Kastler

One of the most successful web 2.0 things we have are wikis like Wikipedia. Wikis, as you may know, allow users to collaboratively create and edit websites and other content. One of the main difficulties of wikis is to organize the information that is stored within it.

28. 12. 2016
Cristina Sarasua

In research, one of the things we need to do is to evaluate our software. With 337 data sets registered in the Data Hub (as of June 2013), the LOD cloud contains many billions of triples that can be used in experiments. In some cases, the experiments might require the use of massive data (e.g.

28. 12. 2016

An old friend has just asked me today what had become of the Semantic Web. He had been part of the OntoWeb network and that means much to him (Ok, this punt might  have been a bit blunt). When I try to teach my students what is most important about the Semantic Web then I  tell them about some of its applications:, Knowledge Graphs at Google or  Microsoft or Samsung or …., BBC, New York times,  Pharmaceuticals, Dublin core, FOAF,  GeoNames, DBPedia, etc.

25. 02. 2016
Jessica Gahn

Großflächige Anzeigen, schnell wechselnde Bilder zwischen zwei Fernsehsendungen, markige, fett gedruckte Slogans auf Plakaten, die „den Tiger in dir wecken“ und dir auch nicht mehr aus dem Kopf gehen wollen: Zu verkaufen gibt es viel, und dementsprechend viel gibt es auch zu bewerben.

05. 11. 2015