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Adaption of gaze-controlled browser for specific needs of an individual

Summary: GazeTheWeb is a gaze-controlled web browser developed at Institute WeST, which allows the end-users to navigate across different web pages and interact with them using eye movements (rather than mouse-keyboard interactions on a conventional browser) [1,2,6]. GTW has been designed using the principles of eye control interfaces [3,4,5]. The specific layout of GTW has the capability to be adapted based on personal feedback.

The offered thesis is targeted to adapt GTW to the needs of an individual suffering from motor disabilities. The candidate has to understand the framework of GTW in order to adapt it to the needs of the specific individual using the platform regularly for accessing web services as information retrieval, or video streaming or composing communicative information on the internet. Modalities apart from gaze (like gestures, body movement or voice command), if possible needs to be incorporated in the system. He/She has to formulate the “data logging” features and analyze the data after a specific period of time for adapting the interaction features in accordance to the needs of the user. The thesis will also look into the comparative performance of the system before and after the adaptation process.

You will be provided with the contact of an individual who is suffering from disabilities and needs new modes of interaction to be connected to the Web. You will also be supported in the development and analysis phase to successfully conduct the research along with access to hardware required for this project.