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Study on Data Placement Strategies in Distributed RDF Stores

14.11.19. The distributed setting of RDF stores in the cloud poses many challenges. One such challenge is how the data placement on the compute nodes can be optimized to improve the query performance. [mehr lesen...]

Distributed Query Optimization

07.11.19. In recent years distributed RDF stores have been developed in order to properly scale RDF stores with the increasing capacity of RDF data, that is available on the Web.  [mehr lesen...]

Automatic Extraction of Compositional Matrix-Space Models of Language

07.11.19. Learning word representations in distributional semantic models to capture the semantics and compositionality of natural language is a central research area of computational linguistics. [mehr lesen...]

Thoughts on integrating disciplines towards online filtering that balances free speech and censorship

28.10.19. Digital speech online reflects and exacerbates social and political practices that we see offline. Further, digital speech takes place on platforms that attempt to regulate harmful content, but with clear limitations: [mehr lesen...]

Emotions in Fake News

23.10.19. What if there was a tool that could not only detect fake news as they spread on social media but also predict the crowd behavior and emotional reactions toward fake news? [mehr lesen...]

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