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Leveraging Error Correction in Voice-based Text Entry by Talk-and-Gaze

23.01.20. We present the design and evaluation of Talk-and-Gaze (TaG), a method for selecting and correcting errors with voice and gaze. [mehr lesen...]

Distributed Query Optimization

16.01.20. This thesis focuses on the query optimization of graph databases that are distributed over several compute nodes. [mehr lesen...]

Training a neural network model from small size of high quality labeled dataset for fake news detection

09.01.20. In this talk, I will focus on task of detecting potentially fake news articles, namely fake news prediction. [mehr lesen...]

Hybrid Physics and Deep Learning Model for Interpretable Vehicle Simulation

19.12.19. To ensure accurate and interpretable simulation without a need for expensive measurements of physical parameters, we propose a hybrid approach combining deep learning and physical motion models. [mehr lesen...]

SWARMS DYNAMICS : At the crossroad between statistical mechanics and agent-based modelling

12.12.19. In this talk, I will present a recent paper by an interdisciplinary collaboration of scientists, including Matteo and myself, which presents a development of the mathematical theory of swarms. [mehr lesen...]

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