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Jun Sun

B 122
+49 261 287-2786


Kunegis, J., Karimi, F., & Jun, S. (2017). The Problem of Action at a Distance in Networks and the Emergence of Preferential Attachment from Triadic Closure. Journal Of Interdisciplinary Methodologies And Issues In Science, 2.
Sun, J., Kunegis, J., & Staab, S. (2016). Predicting User Roles in Social Networks using Transfer Learning with Feature Transformation. In Proc. ICDM Workshop on Data Mining in Networks.
Ji, Y., Sun, J., Nica, A., Jerzak, Z., Hackenbroich, G., & Fetzer, C. (2016). Quality-Driven Disorder Handling for M-way Sliding Window Stream Joins. In 2016 IEEE 32nd International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) (p. 493--504). IEEE.
Sun, J., & Kunegis, J. (2016). Wiki-talk Datasets. doi:10.5281/zenodo.49561