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Announcements for 5 positions as project leader/postdoc/researcher/PhD student

We welcome Dr. Rienstra, Ms Baris and Ms Hosseini who have or are about to join our team as researchers this year. However, we continue hiring in several research areas.
The first application deadline is August 1, but applications will be considered until positions are filled.

Position 1: Project Lead in E-Democracy & Web Mining

The position belongs to an interdisciplinary research focus „E-Democracy“ at the University of Koblenz-Landau. We aim to understand how the internet affects democracy, how one can support democracy through digitisation, and how one can detect misinformation and violence in political online discourses. More details at . The position is available as of now and time-limited to two years. As a project manager, you will coordinate the research project and actively communicate project results to science and the public. The possibility of habilitation is given. The official job advertisement can be found here:

Position 2: Knowledge Representation - Changes in Ontologies

The position is part of the interdisciplinary DFG-funded project "EVOWIPE - Explicit Forgetting of Ontology-based Knowledge in Product Development" which belongs to the DFG priority programme "Intentional Forgetting in Organisations". We are working with colleagues in mechanical engineering and have already received an outstanding paper award for our research. The aim of the project is to develop methods for the implementation of changes on ontology-based knowledge bases and the application of these methods in product development in mechanical engineering. The position is available as of now and time-limited to two years. The possibility of acquiring a PhD is given. The official job advertisement can be found here:

Position 3: Web and Data Scientist (Social scientist welcome!)

The position involves  teaching in the international Web and Data Science Master's program. Furthermore, you will be the contact person for applicants and students of this programme. In addition to that you will conduct your own research in topics related to E-Democracy. The official job advertisement can be found here:

Position 4 and 5: Semantic Web, Knowledge Representation, Machine Learning, Text Mining, Eye Tracking

These two positions are research and teaching assistantships provided by Universität Koblenz-Landau. We look for PhD students to strengthen our research team in one of the areas mentioned and assist with undergraduate and graduate teaching. The officiaö job advertisement can be found here:


We are looking for researchers with a very good master's degree or doctorate from a University (or equivalent). Eligible applicants are interested in many scientific domains, gladly collaborate with colleagues from other scientific disciplines, and can precisely identify and carefully solve computer science-related issues with their well-grounded programming capabilities.
In addition applicants for position 1 should have a very good doctorate from a University (or equivalent). Ideally, you have experience in text and data mining, information extraction, computer linguistics or computational social science. Suitable candidates are interested in a wide range of subjects and enjoy working with colleagues from e-government, political science and psychology, but can also identify the scientific IT problems in the cooperation of these areas precisely and solve them carefully with their own programming skills.
Applicants for position 2 should have interest and initial experience in the field of formal logic. Ideally, you have experience in the creation and use of ontologies as well as knowledge of different description logics.
Suitable applicants for position 3 are open-minded and communicative, scientifically curious, interested in a wide range of subjects and have experience with data analysis. Ideally, applicants for positions 4 and 5 should have some experience in the target area in which they want to undertake research.

Application Procedure

Please apply by sending e-mail with a single PDF file containing at least motivation letter, CV, and scans of transcripts as indicated below. Questions about the application process can be addressed to

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