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Research Topics

Computational Social Science

CSS develops algorithms and novel, non-obtrusive methods for the social sciences based on state-of-the-art approaches from the domains of machine learning, data mining and network analysis. Current projects focus on the quantitative analysis of political electoral processes and dynamics based on social media data as well as the quantitative analysis of other social processes in social media or log data.

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Interactive Web and Human Computing

The objective of the working group Interactive Web and Human Computing is to make interaction with computers easier for Web users, in particular in situations where humans must deal with a huge amount of multimedia and knowledge content, such as given in the Web. Furthermore, the group investigates how human expertise can be used in the Web to enable intelligent problem solving that computers could not achieve on their own, because they lack relevant background knowledge or cognitive abilities that humans have. 

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Semantic Web

The Semantic Web is a vision of a world-wide network of data ("linked data") that allows for intelligent systems that search, retrieve, and aggregate useful information. In comparison to today's Web, it goes beyond merely presenting the information content on web pages by also representing the meaning (semantics) of the information.

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Software and Services

On one hand, software components have to process huge amounts of data. These data are often weakly structured, get published ad hoc and change frequently. In order to develop software for these data, the developer has to understand the structure of the data and exploit this structure in the software design.

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Web Science and Management

The Web changes how businesses function, cooperate and present themselves. To explain and predict how enterprises (co)operate on the Web one must understand the underlying social processes.

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Web Search and Data Mining

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is both: A huge network of interlinked information as well as a virtual space for people to interact, meet, and share experiences. In the working group on Web Search and Data Mining we use a joint toolset of methods and approaches to analyse both of these aspects. When it comes to information on the Web, a core task is the detection of topics covered by online media.

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