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Search sessions of the MyTag portal

MyTag is a web page that can be used for conducting cross-media and personalized searches in several tagging platforms (more details). The anonymized information about the search sessions that were performed in MyTag are available for academic research. Please contact Dr. Klaas Dellschaft for getting access to the data set.

As of May 2009, this data set contains the following information:

  • 1088 search sessions of users with an overall number of 2935 search queries and 1546 distinct search terms
  • During 407 of the submitted search queries, the users clicked on 715 results. The results had assigned an overall number of 4471 distinct tags.

The data set consists of 5 tables with the following columns:

  • tags: id, label
  • search_activities: id, time, sort_by, tagging_systems, session_id
  • search_activities_tags: search_activity_id, tag_id
  • tagging_activities: id, time, tagging_system, resource_id, search_activity_id
  • tagging_activities_tags: tagging_activity_id, tag_id


The work on MyTag is partially supported by the TAGora project.



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