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The objective of Web Science is to understand how the Web evolves and to understand how we can make the Web a better tool for our individual needs, for society, and for our organisations. For this purpose, we must look at the Web from an interdisciplinary perspective. We need

  • computer science to understand how it is built, how to improve its engineering, and how to search and analyse it.
  • social science to understand how the Web influences social groups and society as a whole - towards the better or the worse.
  • economics to understand the incentives on which the Web is built, including rewards such as money and/or reputation.
  • studies of the law to understand how legal constraints shape the Web or to understand how new laws should help us to leverage the Web of the future.
  • linguistics, semiotics and communication studies to understand the content we find on the Web and the communication led by its participants.
  • mathematics as a language to provide concise models for all of the above, for describing interesting patterns of how the Web evolves and for making predictions about the future behavior of individuals,  of groups or of the Web as a whole.


Educational Requirements: Bachelor in Computer Science, Computer Visualistics, Business Informatics or any other related degree (after individual assessment, min. 60 ECTS in computer science)

Language Requirements:

English Certificate is mandatory- please finde more information at    the FAQ.

Knowledge if German language not mandatory, but highly recommended.



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Copyright: Jasper Grahl

The Web Science Curriculum at University of Koblenz-Landau is the first of its kind at a German university. It puts a strong emphasis on computer science, but builds bridges especially to economics and the social sciences. The studying efforts split up between the different disciplines are as follows:

  • Interdisciplinary foundations of the Web crossing between computer science, mathematics, social science and economics: 12%
  • Computer science: 30%
  • Elective courses in economics, social science, linguistics, etc.: 20%
  • Seminars, research work and master thesis in any of the above subjects: 38%


A more detailed overview is presented in the modules table of the Web Science curriculum, though by the very dynamic nature of the Web Science subject the curriculum is shaped to allow for new topics entering the curriculum at any term.


Start your Web Science studies: Be prepared to apply for the programme by middle of July (for Winter Term) or Middle of January (for Summer Term) - though applications are welcome on an ongoing basis, admittance being possible until available places are filled or the term starts. International students should apply with UNI-ASSIST. Others should apply directly with the university. Educational requirement of the Master program is a Bachelor in Computer Science, Computer Visualistics, Business Informatics or any other related degree (after individual assessment).

Tuition for the Web Science programme is free. The university raises a fee of 142 € per term (minor changes to this fee may apply in the future), which includes local bus transport between inner parts of town and some other services. A limited number of teaching and/or research assistantships are available each term and may be given based on academic merits earned in previous terms.

Job prospects or Ph.D.: Graduates from Institute WeST have found lucrative positions in Google, Ernst & Young, Software AG or Bosch, to name but a few companies, they have started their own companies (e.g. Kreuzverweis, Alperion), or they continued for a Ph.D. abroad or in Koblenz. Institute WeST has a limited number of places available each year for pursueing a Ph.D. in computer science with a focus on Web Science. Admission to the doctoral programme follows an excellent master's degree in Web Science or computer science or closely related discipline. If you excel earning a master's degree in Web Science you will be in pole position for continuing with doctoral studies.

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International Studies: The Institute WeST - Web Science & Technologies - is founding member of the Web Science Trust Network of research labs including prestigious labs in USA (MIT, USC, ...), Brasil, Korea, China and several European countries (Oxford, Southampton, Galway,...). You may benefit by spending parts of your studies there.


Flyer: Find our dissimination flyer here.

Application: Please find the description of the application process at Application/Registration.

Questions? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us:

Press release (in German) - read everything about the excellent career possibilities with the Master in Web Science.

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