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MSc. Web Science

MSc. Web Science

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As of Fall 2019 the program ‚Master in Web Science‘ will not accept new students. Instead, we will offer the program ‚Master in Web and Data Science‘. For technical reasons, it is still undefined when the application interface for ‚Master in Web and Data Science‘ can be opened. Applying from abroad is a lengthy process. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply for the Master in Web Science now and transfer into the Master in Web and Data Science when you arrive at University of Koblenz-Landau. We will accept all requests to transfer from Master in Web Science into Master in Web and Data Science. 

With a master’s degree in Web Science, you will be able to study and solve problems on the web. Our interdisciplinary curriculum emphasizes computer science and builds bridges to social sciences, economics, studies of the law, linguistics, and mathematics. All mandatory courses are taught in English.

In general, our programme aims at persons with a bachelor’s degree or a minor in computer science. Unless you already hold a master’s degree, our programme even is free of tuition. The medium of instruction is English.

Graduates from the institute WeST have found interesting positions at successful companies, started their own businesses or continued towards a Ph.D. Institute WeST has a limited number of places available each year for pursuing a Ph.D. If you excel in earning a master's degree in Web Science you will be in pole position for continuing with doctoral studies.

Koblenz is one of the oldest and most attractive cities in Germany with its surroundings honored as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. The University of Koblenz-Landau has close contacts to leading companies, offering possibilities for internships, collaboration, and project experiences.



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