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Summer Terms 2020


  • Schedule subjected to changes based on further directions.

Lecture Schedule

Date Topic Attachment
20.04.2020 Organization and Introduction to Web IR PDF, PPT
27.04.2020 Evaluation Methods PDF, PPT
04.05.2020 Boolean Model PDF, PPT
11.05.2020 Vector Space Model PDF, PPT
18.05.2020 Probabilistic Language Model PDF, PPT
25.05.2020 Web Search Characteristics PDF, PPT
01.06.2020 Page Rank PDF, PPT
08.06.2020 User Interfaces, Visualization PDF, PPT
15.06.2020 Multimedia Retrieval PDF, PPT

Tutorial Schedule

Coming Soon!!


If you want to participate in this course, you need to:

  • Register to the lecture in Klips
  • Register to one tutorial in Klips
  • Add yourself into a group for working on mandatory assignments here until 7th of April.

For inter-student communication, please use the newsgroup infko-mldm.

Important Information

To whom?

Master and Bachelor students in:

  • Web Science
  • Computer Science
  • Computational Visualistics
  • Business Informatics



First Exam:

  • To be announced soon!

Second Exam:

  • To be announced soon!

Important note: You must have gathered at least 60% of the points across the assignments of this semester or have failed the exam in the last year to be allowed to participate in the exam. Admissions from recent years are not valid.

Organizational Information

Lecture (Klips)

  • Lecturer: Dr. Zeyd Boukhers and Martin Leinberger
  • Mondays, 16:00 - 18:00 in F 313
  • Consultation: Tuesdayss at 09:00 in B114 or by appointment (

Tutorial (Klips)

  • Instructors: Korok Sengupta
  • Tuesdays, 12:00 - 14:00, C 206
  • Thursdays, 12:00 - 14:00, E 314
  • You don't need to come to both slots for the tutorial. We will cover the same material on both.

Please form groups of four people to work on the assignments here, until 7th of April! It is mandatory to reach 60% of the points in total over all assignments to be allowed to participate in the exam. E.g., if there are 10 assignments each 10 points, you need in total at minimum 60 points in sum over all assignments to participate in the exam.


  • Scientific Employee
  • B 114
  • +49 261 287-2765
  • Scientific Employee
  • B 103
  • +49 261 287-2439
  • Scientific Employee
  • B 104
  • +49 261 287-2719