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Lukas Schmelzeisen

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Scientific Employee


  • E-Mail:
  • Office: B 104
  • Phone: +49 261 287-2758



Open Theses



  • Hogan, A., Blomqvist, E., Cochez, M., d'Amato, C., de Melo, G., Gutierrez, C., Labra Gayo, J. E., Kirrane, S., Neumaier, S., Polleres, A., Navigli, R., Ngonga Ngomo, A.-C., Rashid, S. M., Rula, A., Schmelzeisen, L., Sequeda, J., Staab, S., & Zimmermann, A. (2020). Knowledge Graphs. CoRR, abs/2003.02320. [PDF | URL | BibTeX | BibSonomy]


  • Baris, I., Schmelzeisen, L., & Staab, S. (2019). CLEARumor at SemEval-2019 Task 7: ConvoLving ELMo Against Rumors. Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation, 1105–1109. [PDF | URL | BibTeX | BibSonomy]
  • Schmelzeisen, L., & Staab, S. (2019). Learning Taxonomies of Concepts and not Words using Contextualized Word Representations: A Position Paper. CoRR, abs/1902.02169. [PDF | URL | BibTeX | BibSonomy]