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Dr. Oul Han

B 006
+49 261 287-2864

For thesis supervision, you are very welcome to speak to me about your aims that relate to politics and social science. If you are unsure where to start, check out the list of open master and bachelor thesis topics. 

About me:
I'm the (as opposed to "a") political scientist at WeST. What am I doing here? In short: I'm part of a collective endeavor to cross academic disciplines and methods, which is a stance that is calibrated for the digital era. Phenomena that are so particular to online media spheres are racing past us since yesterday. I believe that structures of most departments are too rigid to properly prepare us for the mix of amplified exposure and perceptions that emerge from the largest medium of the world: the Web. 

Research topics:

  • Text analysis, political polarization, digital politics, misinformation
  • Since coming to WeST, I'm basically facing the dragon when it comes to how to really do interdisciplinary research, first-hand. Luckily, that has always been one of my driving interests.

Mini vita:
2016 PhD Political Science, Freie Universitaet Berlin
2012 MIS International Studies/European Area Studies, Seoul National University
2009 BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

Long vita: download CV

Project involvement


At WeST, my task is to offer elements of Social Science as theoretical framework for a Computer Science audience. In practice, this means that I try to shape your research questions and, as result, the method. For example, a behavioral pattern in tweets may have political causes, which can be explained by a fitting political science theory. 

[Trivia:] How fact-checking online misinformation works: never as well as here, unfortunately.