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EU Project CUTLER: Consortium meeting in the pilot city of Antalya, Turkey

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CUTLER’s 6th plenary meeting took place in the seaside city of Antalya, Turkey.In the first two days, the CUTLER consortium partners discussed the scientific development, and laid out the plans to implement EU review recommendations for the second phase of the project. Institute WeST was represented by Dr. Chandan Kumar and Jun Sun. We presented how to extend social media resources to support efficient policy-making, and enrich the analysis with demographic and socio-economic data.

In the third day, the project partners had the opportunity to visit Düden Waterfalls, one of the four pilot sites of CUTLER. The Manager of the Düden Waterfalls area and members of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality gave the CUTLER consortium a guided tour, and we had the opportunity to discuss about opportunities offered by the CUTLER platform to local policy makers.


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