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MyTag aims at solving the limitations of current tagging platforms by enabling cross-media search across images, video, and social bookmarks. It offers transparent access to different single-media platforms currently including Flickr , YouTube , and . Furthermore, it introduces personalization features such as a personalized ranking of search results. Try out MyTag!

A data set containing the anonymized search sessions of MyTag is available for academic research.



Braun, Max; Dellschaft, Klaas; Franz, Thomas; Hering, Dominik; Jungen, Peter; Metzler, Hagen; Müller, Eugen; Rostilov, Alexander; Saathoff, Carsten (2008): Personalized Search and Exploration with MyTag. In: Proceedings of the WWW 2008 Poster Session.




Carsten Saathoff

Dr. Thomas Franz

Dr. Klaas Dellschaft

Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab


MyTag is partially supported by the Tagora project.