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Lena - a Fresnel LEns based RDF/Linked Data NAvigator with SPARQL selector support

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LENA stands for LEns based NAvigator. A lens represents a particular view onto RDF data and is described by the Fresnel Display Vocabulary. LENA enables viewing RDF data in your web browser, rendered according to the lens descriptions you provide. LENA supports the use of multiple lenses and indicates if they are available for a resource, so that a different view onto the same data is always just one click away!

To write lenses for complex RDF structures created through sophisticated ontology frameworks like COMM or X-COSIM, LENA supports SPARQL selectors. As comprehensive query language for RDF, SPARQL complies to the requirements needed to select from these complex structured RDF graphs. While a Fresnel SPARQL selector is a designated Fresnel selector an implementation did not yet exist. LENA provides an extension to support Fresnel SPARQL selectors that is now integrated into the Simile Fresnel engine.

The data which shall be processed by LENA, can either be put into the provided directory or be accessed through a Sesame HTTP repository. Furthermore linked data can be browsed by entering a dereferenceable URI. For more information about the usage of LENA see the the LENA Google Code project page.

Project Page

For more information about LENA see the LENA Google Code project page.


View The Demo! LENA 1.1.1

View the Fresnel configuration file for the demo: fresnel.n3


LENA 1.1.1

Moved to Google Code, removed session problem and some bugs.

LENA 1.1.0

LENA is back in development featuring the new version 1.1.0. This version enables LENA to browse linked data, futhermore it adds pages support. Updated to Sesame 2.1.3.


Update to Sesama 2.0 beta 6. Demo server traffic restrictions removed.

LENA 1.0.1

LENA home page shortened. Abbreviation of property labels and property values (resources only) that have not been specified else by the Fresnel configuration.

LENA 1.0.0 Release

First official version release of LENA.

Contact & Bug-Tracking

We're happy about any feedback, please contact us here:,

Found a bug? Please report in Google Code - Issues or write an e-mail.


This work was funded by the X-Media project ( sponsored by the European Commission as part of the Information Society Technologies (IST) programme under EC grant number IST-FP6-026978.


Thanks to Ryan Lee for the support regarding the SIMILE Fresnel engine.

Thanks to Mark James for the icons on