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Mobile Search and Exploration of Live Social Semantic Data using Facets

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MFacets, a grid-based version of Mobile Facets has been nominated for the the Data Journalism Award!

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Mobile Facets is an intuitive and easy to use mobile application to access a large, distributed data set of different social media sources on a touchscreen mobile phone. As social media data sources we use DBpedia, geo-located Flickr photos, and the event directories Eventful and Upcoming. In addition, we use professional content from the event directories as well as places described in GeoNames. The users can search and explore the dataset by means of facets and retrieve resources such as places, persons, organizations, and events. To visualize the results, the Mobile Facets application provides a map view, result list view, and photo view (see below). As the resources are queried live from the different data sources, we cannot make any assumptions about which facets are provided in a specific user's contextual situation and how many resources Mobile Facets receives. Thus, in contrast to existing approaches, the user interface had to be designed such that it is flexible with respect to the amount and kind of facets and resources retrieved live from the social media data.



a) Faceted Search and Exploration


b) Map view


c) List view


d) Photo view


e) Details view



The application is available upon request. 

Contact Persons

Prof. Dr. Ansgar Scherp

Alexander Kleinen

Mark Schneider

This research has been co-funded by the EU in FP7 in the WeKnowIt project (215453).