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SAIQL (Schema And Instance Query Language) is a novel query language for OWL DL. In contrast to existing query languages like SPARQL or OWL-QL, SAIQL is capable of querying the T-Box and the A-Box in an integrated manner. Furthermore, SAIQL is aware of OWL DL semantics. SAIQL is well suited for ontology extraction and re-use.

As soon as possible, will publish further material about SAIQL here. We have also started to implement a first query engine for SAIQL. After finishing it, it will be available for download here.

If you have questions about SAIQL, you can contact

Dr. Gerd Gröner

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Alexander Kubias

Simon Schenk

Dr. Gerd Gröner

Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab