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SAM: Semantics Aware Messenger

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samTagging.pngSAM is an instant messaging (IM) client for the Jabber protocol (XMPP), similar to popular clients such as GAIM, or Kopete. SAM utilizes Semantic Web standards for data representation to enhance interoperability and management of your IM data. Additionally, messages can be tagged collectively, i.e. not only by you but also by your conversation partners to add semantics to messages or to guide message search, respectively. Taggings are automatically shared among conversation partners (that use SAM) to reduce tagging effort of the individual. Furthermore, tag recommendations are given by message classifications. SAM provides semantic search and a message browser that utilize the advantages of the underlying design (RDF + OWL + tagging).


April 2008: New SAM plugin available. Download

September 2007: Updated SAM plugin available based on X-COSIMA 1.0. Download

May 2007: SAM plugin for the Spark Instant Messenger available. The new plugin is based on X-COSIM

July 6, 2006: SAM will move from Jena to Sesame as RDF store, plugin size will be reduced from ~9MB to ~3MB(!) and startup time will be quicker. Further improvements we are working on: inline message references to files or persons or basically to whatever you have in your RDF repository to seamlessly share that metadata with other SAM users.

May 22, 2006: SAM has been implemented as a Plugin for the Spark Instant Messenger see the Running SAM section to try SAM!

February 23, 2006: In a student project, SAM will be integrated with Gnowsis.

January 25, 2006: Tag recommendations from classification and webcrawling are threaded now to improve responsiveness.

January 4, 2006: New features: Tag recommendations for messages based on message classification using WEKA

December 2, 2005: New version with several new features available. SAM now requires at least Java 1.5.0

October 6, 2005: New features available: Semantic search by recipient, sender, creation date. Dates as RDF typed literals. Some bugfixes ...

September 28, 2005: SAM early-alpha-test-phase starts ...

Running SAM

  • Download and install Spark. You can download it here
  • Place the plugin jar file into the "plugins" directory of your Spark installation
  • Launch Spark. That's it!


  • SAM: Semantics Aware Instant Messaging For the Networked Semantic Desktop
    Proceedings of the 1st Workshop On The Semantic Desktop.
    4th International Semantic Web Conference (Galway, Ireland), 2005


Dr. Thomas Franz

Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab