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Tagster is a peer-to-peer tagging application. Very much like Flickr,, etc. it allows to tag and share personal data. But instead of uploading the data to such an internet service, Tagster organizes and stores everything on the local computer.


Tagster is based on a modular architecture, formerly known as the Semantic Exchange architecture (SEA).


Prerequisites: You have to have Java 5.0 or higher installed. (Get it here.)

A platform-independent version of Tagster is available in the download section.

The jar file is directly executable via java -jar tagster.jar.

However, there are some issues with the included native libraries on Windows systems. In this case expand the whole jar content into a directory and start Tagster with tagster.bat.

To automatically connect to a peer network we provide a user registry service at This URL has to be specified in the configuration dialog at the first start of Tagster.

Quick start

  • Follow the download instructions above.
  • Enter your user information in the setup dialog.
  • Change to the 'Tag' perspective and tag some files.
  • Change back to the 'Browse' perspective browse through your tagged data.

An detailed documentation is available in the documentation section.


Olaf Görlitz

Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab



Görlitz, Olaf; Sizov, Sergej; Staab, Steffen (2008): PINTS: Peer-to-Peer Infrastructure for Tagging Systems. In: Proceedings of the Seventh International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems, IPTPS. Tampa Bay, USA:


Tagster is developed in the context of the Tagora project.