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Network Theory and Dynamic Systems


This course will cover a variety of interesting topics on network theory and dynamic systems (e.g., markets, auctions etc.). The student should become enabled to understand the structure and the dynamics of network models and how to apply them to structures of artefacts and human behaviors in the World Wide Web.


Students are expected to have background knowledge on linear algebra:

  • know what a matrix is;
  • know how matrix multiplication works;
  • know what eigenvalues and eigenvectors are.

We recommend some online videos [1] explaining these ideas if you are not familiar with them yet.



The lectures will be held by Prof. Steffen Staab and Dr. Sarah de Nigris.

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Video recordings on Panopto 


Students will deepen their understanding of this course during the exercises. Assignments can be accomplished in groups of at most two persons. Students need to accomplish at least 60% of the assignments in order to attend the final exam. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the final exam, of both sides of the plagiarism (copying and being copied). Students are also expected to explain some of the assignments.

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Form and register your teams: to form and view your team by Apr 22.
SVN repositories:<group_name> (available from Apr 23 on).
(A tutorial on SVN:

Time and Location

Monday 14:00 ~ 16:00 weekly 08.04.2019 to 15.07.2019 E 114
Friday 10:00 ~ 12:00 weekly 12.04.2019 to 19.07.2019 E 313


Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World


Networks – An Introduction
M. Newman Oxford University Press, 2010


When What Who Slides Assignment Tutorial
April 8 - Mo Lecture Steffen ntds-1-intro.pptx
Assignment 1, pdf ntds-tut-0
April 12 - Fr Tutorial Jun     ntds-tut-1
April 15 - Mo Lecture Steffen ntds-2-strongweakties.pptx
April 19 - Fr No lecture / tutorial - public holiday
April 22 - Mo No lecture / tutorial - public holiday
April 26 - Fr Tutorial Jun      
April 29 - Mo Lecture Steffen ntds-3-degreedistributions.pptx
May 3 - Fr Lecture Steffen      
May 6 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
May 10 - Fr Tutorial Jun      
May 13 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
May 17 - Fr Lecture Sarah      
May 20 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
May 24 - Fr Tutorial Jun      
May 27 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
May 31 - Fr Lecture Sarah      
June 3 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
June 7 - Fr Tutorial Jun      
June 11 - Mo No lecture / tutorial - public holiday
June 15 - Fr No lecture / tutorial - public holiday
June 17 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
June 21 - Fr Tutorial Jun      
June 24 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
June 28 - Fr Lecture Sarah      
July 1 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
July 5 - Fr Tutorial Jun      
July 8 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
July 12 - Fr Lecture Sarah      
July 15 - Mo Lecture Sarah      
July 19 - Fr Q&A        


Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab

Dr. Sarah de Nigris

Jun Sun