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Projektpraktikum Computational Social Science

The goal of this research lab is to develop tools that help to explore social phenomena such as inequality, polarization, conflict or consensus. These tools can rely on existing systems on the web (e.g. Wikipedia or Twitter) or students can develop their own app or system that allows to collect behavioral data (e.g., by having users playing small games or by running online experiments).

Teams of 4-8 students usually work together on one project. Each project involves collecting or producing data, analyzing them and visualizing them.

During the kick-off meeting 25th of October (room C 209 2pm) I will present several options for projects and we will form teams.

For example, in previous years students developed a tool that allows exploring how politicians on Wikipedia link to each other and explored interesting patterns with respect to nationality, gender and birth year or in another project students astudied the geographical provenance of references on Wikipedia [1,2].


JProf. Dr. Claudia Wagner