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Seminar: Industrial Data Space: Governable Data Exchange

The exchange and processing of data between different companies (suppliers, customers) becomes more and more important, especially for large companies. Regarding to the growing value and the subsequent importance of ownership and provenance of data, there’s a need for data exchange platforms, which respect data ownership, enforce policies defined by the owner and secures them against unauthorized access or usage.

The Industrial Data Space proposes ideas how these challenges could be mastered. In this seminar we will take a look on some basic mechanisms, on which we can build such a data exchange platform according to the Industrial Data Space concept.


Policy Languages

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Smart Contracts

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Data Querying

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Data Replication

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  • Introduction: 10.10.2017 10:00-12:00 in room B016
  • Draft submission deadline: 08.12.2017
  • Review submission deadline: 22.12.2017
  • Presentations: 18.01.2018 08:00-18:00 in room D238

Send your submissions (report, review and slides) via email to Please pay attention to the deadlines!

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Matthias Lohr

Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab