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MSc. Web Science

As of Fall 2019 the program "Master in Web Science" will not accept new students. Instead, we will offer the program "Master in Web and Data Science". Starting from winter semester 2019/20, all newly incoming students will be automatically enrolled to "Master in Web and Data Science". If your application interface still says Master in Web Science, then it's due to the ongoing adaptation and will soon change to its correct naming.


Graduates from the Master Programme in Web Science have been intensively prepared for tasks in the field of the World Wide Web. Besides technical aspects of the Web, the interdisciplinary programme teaches an integrated view and enables students to understand psychological, social, economic and political relations in the Web. 

Job Sectors

Graduates of the programme in Web Science may pursue careers in the following sectors:

  • Customer-oriented companies, mainly commercial enterprises, that are present within the Web. Nearly every larger company addressing private customers offers online platforms to sell their products or services.
  • Public Administration and Agencies run platforms in order to inform citizens or communicate with them (e.g. in the form of e-participation and e-voting).
  • IT businesses such as search engine providers, consulting firms, social network providers and software developing firms need experts for the Web.
  • The Web is an essential source of information. As a result, media corporations are present in the Web. They provide information services via Web apps and mobile applications.
  • Academia: a Web Science Master's dregree qualifies you for starting a Ph.D.

Members from the institute WeST have found interesting positions at companies such as Google, Ernest & Young, Software AG or Bosch or started their own businesses, or have become senior researchers or professors at Universities.


Web Science graduates may take up the following professions: