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MSc. Web Science

As of Fall 2019 the program "Master in Web Science" will not accept new students. Instead, we will offer the program "Master in Web and Data Science". Starting from winter semester 2019/20, all newly incoming students will be automatically enrolled to "Master in Web and Data Science". If your application interface still says Master in Web Science, then it's due to the ongoing adaptation and will soon change to its correct naming.

Living in Germany

Here is some statistics of the average living cost in Koblenz for our students:

label amount
Rent and utilities 270 - 350 €
Food and drink 159 €
Clothing 51 €
Learning material 33 €
Car and public transport 81 €
Health insurance and medical costs 90 €
Phone, internet, TV 35 €
Recreation, culture, sport 62 €
total 781 - 861 €

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