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Social Web

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Sommersemester 2010


Results of the oral exam are now available online (PDF)!


In this course, the students will get a systematic overview about applications on the Social Web. The lecture will identify and discuss typical and repeating interaction pattern and regularities in Social Web applications like Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter. The second part will present the basics of the information science discipline Bibliometrics. We will show how bibliometric methods can be applied on Social Web data. Structure of the lecture


Lecturer: Prof. Dr. York Sure

The lecture is given in English. Lectures (corresponding to 2h/week).

Credits: 2 SWS, 3 ECTS


This lecture is part of the international summer academy and therefore is held in the last 4 weeks of the term. Students from Koblenz may however attend and earn credits as usual.


Either as an oral examination or as a written exam depending on the number of attendees.


Here is the corresponding entry for the lecture in Klips.


1. What is the Social Web?

  •  Applications
  •  Typical interactions
  •  Typical distributions
  •  APIs
  • Data gathering

2. What is Bibliometrics?

  •  Foundations
  •  Bradford Law
  •  Lotka Law
  •  Citation Analysis

3. Methods of Bibliometrics
4. Application of bibliometric methods in bibliographic data
5. Analysis of Social Web data with bibliometric methods
6. Conclusion

References Wilson, Concepción S. (1999): Informetrics, Annual Review of Information Science and Technology (ARIST) 34, 107-247.