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Computational Social Science

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Sommersemester 2015

Welcome to the course page of the CSS seminar.

On this page, we want to provide you with the most important information and course material for the CSS seminar. Please, also head over to the github repository where we will publish assignments, slides, ipython notebooks and further material.

Course material

Here are the lecture materials: slides, tutorials, assignments.

The ipython notebooks for the assignments and tutorials can also be viewed rendered on nbviewer.


The following agenda is a first layout and may change during the course.

  • 15.04. CSS introduction & non-obtrusive measures
  • 22.04. Sociology: Small World networks & properties
  • 22.04. Python Tutorial, Handout Assignment 1
  • 29.04. Sociology: Strength of weak ties
  • 06.05. Sociology: Prestige and communities in social networks
  • 20.05. Python statistics tutorial, Handout Assignment 2
  • 03.06. Exercise interviews Assignment 1
  • 03.06. Python Scikit learn tutorial
  • 10.06. Wikipedia as a CSS use case
  • 17.06. Political Science: Online political discourse
  • 24.06. Sociological Psychology and Sociological Economics: Language Games
  • 01.07. Sociological Psychology and Sociological Economics: Network dynamics 1
  • 08.07. Sociological Psychology and Sociological Economics: Network dynamics 2
  • 15.07. Research methods CSS 1
  • 22.07. Research methods CSS 2


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