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Network Theory and Dynamic Systems

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Sommersemester 2017


  • 2017-10-13 Fr 10:00~12:00 s.t.        Second Exam (in G310)


This course will cover a variety of interesting topics on network theory and dynamic systems (e.g., markets, auctions etc.).


Students are expected to have background knowledge on linear algebra:

  • know what a matrix is;
  • know how matrix multiplication works;
  • know what eigenvalues and eigenvectors are.

We recommend some online videos [1] explaining these ideas if you are not familiar with them yet.



The lecture will be held by Prof. Steffen Staab and Dr. Fariba Karimi. All lectures will be in room E114 on Mondays from 14:00 to 16:00 every week, and on Fridays from 12:00 to 14:00 biweekly.


Exercises will be in room E114 or G409 on Fridays from 12:00 to 14:00 biweekly. There will be two classes in parallel, one given by Jun Sun, the other by Qianhong Ye. They cover the same topics.

Students will deepen their understanding of this course during the exercises. There will be 6 assignments. Assignments can be accomplished in groups of at most two persons. Students need to accomplish at least 60% of the assignments in order to attend the final exam. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the final exam, of both sides of the plagiarism (copying and being copied). Students are also expected to explain some of the assignments. is the place where you can post questions regarding the assignments or the course in general. You can simply sign in with your email address (you do not need an invitation for that), and post a question by creating a new channel. You are also welcomed to answer or comment on existing questions.


First exam: written exam, in E 011, from 16:00 to 18:00 s.t., on July 26th.
Second exam: written exam, 2017-10-13 Fr 10:00~12:00 s.t. (in G 310).


Some useful on-line resources:

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World



Steffen 2017-04-24 Mo Lecture: Introduction      
Steffen 2017-04-28 Fr Lecture: Strong and weak ties Brief Intro    
  2017-05-01 Mo Public Holiday (no arrangement)
Jun&Qianhong 2017-05-05 Fr Tutorial 1 Exercise 1    
Steffen 2017-05-08 Mo Lecture: Degree distribution, pdf      
Steffen 2017-05-12 Fr Lecture: Small worlds networks      
Fariba 2017-05-15 Mo Lecture: Centrality, pdf, note   Exercise 1  
Jun&Qianhong 2017-05-19 Fr Correct Exercise 1, Tutorial 2 Exercise 2   Exercise 1
Fariba 2017-05-22 Mo Lecture: Link Prediction, note      
Jun&Qianhong 2017-05-26 Fr Tutorial 3 Exercise 3    
Steffen 2017-05-29 Mo Lecture: Game Theory   Exercise 2  
Fariba 2017-06-02 Fr Lecture: Link Prediction II, Scale-free Networks      
Pentecost week – no courses
Steffen 2017-06-12 Mo Lecture: Markets   Exercise 3  
Jun&Qianhong 2017-06-16 Fr Correct Exercise 2&3, Tutorial 4 Exercise 4   Exercise 2&3
Steffen 2017-06-19 Mo Lecture: Network Effects      
Steffen 2017-06-23 Fr Lecture: Auction      
Fariba 2017-06-26 Mo Lecture: Clustering   Exercise 4  
Jun&Qianhong 2017-06-30 Fr Correct Exercise 4, Tutorial 5 Exercise 5   Exercise 4
Fariba 2017-07-03 Mo Lecture: Clustering II      
Jun&Qianhong 2017-07-07 Fr Tutorial 6, slides Exercise 6    
Fariba 2017-07-10 Mo Tutorial on Gephi   Exercise 5  
Fariba 2017-07-14 Fr Lecture: Signed Networks      
Steffen 2017-07-17 Mo Lecture: Cascading, Context   Exercise 6  
Jun&Qianhong 2017-07-21 Fr Extra question session     Exercise 5&6
  2017-07-26 Exam      
  2017-10-13 Second Exam      


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