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Semantic Web

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Sommersemester 2018



Semantic web describes data on the web maintaining its semantics in such a way that other web applications may "understand" the meaning of the data with only little effort. Semantic web has developed from a research initiative in the late 20th century into a fast growing infrastructure for application domains, such as bioinformatics or eGovernment. This infrastructure is driven by W3C standards as well as by methods and technologies from a diverse area of computer science disciplines, such as artificial intelligence, databases and human-computer interaction. This course will give an overview and introduction to core and current semantic web technologies.

Required Knowledge

Basic knowledge about logics and data engineering recommended.

Acquired Competence

The student will be enabled to design and develop semantic Web applications. The student will be enabled to progress Semantic Web technologies in order to broaden and facilitate their use. The student will be enabled to understand the interaction of different standards, their technical implications as well as the social processes that underly various Semantic Web applications.


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Some of the lectures can be viewed as Panopto recordings. Login using your Universität Koblenz-Landau email address and credentials.


Students will deepen their understanding of this course during the exercises. There will be eight assignments. Assignments can be accomplished in groups of at most three people. Students need to accomplish at least 60% of the total points in order to attend the final exam. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden and will result in disqualification from the final exam, of both sides of the plagiarism (copying and being copied). Students are also expected to present and explain some of the assignments.

You can post questions regarding the assignments or the course in our newsgroup: "infko.semanticweb". Feel encouraged to answer or comment on existing questions or chime in with ongoing discussions there.


  • July 19th, 2018 at 14:00 (sharp) in E.011(90 minutes)
  • October 16th, 2018 at 10:00 (sharp) in E.011(90 minutes)


  • Mondays, 16:15-17:45 in room E.113
  • Thursdays, 16:15-17:45 in room E.413


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Who When What Relevant Published Due Handed back
Steffen April 9, Mo Overview and Introduction (PDF)        
Dominik April 12, Thu Organization and Introduction        
Steffen April 16, Mo RDF (PDF) [3,4]      
Dominik April 19, Thu     Assignment 01    
Steffen April 23, Mo Linked Data (PDF)     A01  
Dominik April 26, Thu     A02 A01  
Steffen April 30, Mo SPARQL (PDF)        
Dominik May 3, Thu     A03 A02 A01
Steffen May 7, Mo SPARQL continued (SPARQL 1.1)        
-- May 10, Thu public holiday        
Dominik May 14, Mo     A04 A03 A02
Steffen May 17, Thu Ontologies (PDF)        
-- May 21-25 Pentecost        
Dominik May 28, Mo     A05 A04 A03
-- May 31, Thu public holiday        
Steffen June 4, Mo RDF Schema (PDF)        
Fiorela June 7, Thu     A06 A05 A04
Steffen June 11, Mo Description Logics (PDF)        
Dominik June 14, Thu     A07 A06 A05
Steffen June 18, Mo OWL (PDF)        
Steffen June 21, Thu Ontology Engineering (PDF)        
Dominik June 25, Mo     A08 A07 A06
Dominik June 28, Thu Ontology Design Patterns (PDF), Wikidata (PDF)        
Dominik July 2, Mo     A09 A08 A07
Dominik July 5, Thu RDFa and (PDF)        
Dominik July 9, Mo Q&A        
Dominik July 12, Thu       A09 A08, A09
Team July 19, Thu Exam (room E.011)