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Research lab "Online Political Polarization"

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Wintersemester 2019 / 2020

See the slides from the first meeting here: PDF 

This Research Lab (Forschungspraktikum/Projektpraktikum) organizes participants into groups that address various areas of the multi-faced phenomenon of political polarization online. Each group will be provided with datasets, ready tools, and tasks that are specific to several thematic areas. (please see kickoff slides above)

Motivation: Currently, much effort is invested by academia, government, and industry into counteracting misinformation online. These are important efforts for our future, but focusing on which content is “fact vs. fake” is not enough. In reality, online opinions follow the gravity of political views, which are kinds of bias. This means that controversial topics consist of competing truths that clash aggressively, but are still “equally true,”  for the same-minded actors in debate.

For registration: Places are given first come first serve, starting Sep 26, when WS registrations start.