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NASTY Advanced Search Tweet Yielder v0.1

05.12.19. In recent years, Tweets have become in important resource in many research areas, e.g., social studies or language modeling. While Twitter does provide an API to access Tweets, much desired functionality is either hidden behind rate limits, pay walls, or not available at all. [mehr lesen...]

Using Graph Convolutional Networks for Approximate Reasoning with Abstract Argumentation Frameworks: A Feasibility Study

28.11.19. We employ graph convolutional networks for the purpose of determining the set of acceptable arguments under preferred semantics in abstract argumentation problems. [mehr lesen...]

Semantically Enhanced and Minimally Supervised Models For: Ontology Enrichment, Text Classification and Document Recommendation

21.11.19. This dissertation proposes new approaches, empowered by the combination of NLP , lexical-semantic resources and deep learning structures, for addressing the challenges in three major tasks concerning data management on the web. [mehr lesen...]

Study on Data Placement Strategies in Distributed RDF Stores

14.11.19. The distributed setting of RDF stores in the cloud poses many challenges. One such challenge is how the data placement on the compute nodes can be optimized to improve the query performance. [mehr lesen...]

Distributed Query Optimization

07.11.19. In recent years distributed RDF stores have been developed in order to properly scale RDF stores with the increasing capacity of RDF data, that is available on the Web.  [mehr lesen...]

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