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Weighted Argumentation for Web Science

15.10.19. Weighted Argumentation frameworks are a computationally efficient tool to represent and reason over argumentation problems.
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Type Checking Program Code using SHACL

15.10.19. It is a strength of graph-based data formats, like RDF, that they are very flexible with representing data. To avoid run-time errors, program code that processes highly-flexible data representations exhibits the difficulty that it must always include the most general case, in which attributes might be set-valued or possibly not available.
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Usage of Graph Query Languages in Open Source Java Projects

08.10.19. Graph data models are interesting in various domains, in part because of the intuitiveness and flexibility they offer compared to relational models. [mehr lesen...]

Not My President: How Names and Titles Frame Political Figures

26.09.19. Framing theory studies how topics are presented to audiences in communication. Most framing work focuses on issues and events. [mehr lesen...]

Introduction to our new Web site

19.09.19. You may have noticed that our institute got a new Web site. This talk will give you insights about the novel backend concept of the Web site and how to edit every-day items like lectures. [mehr lesen...]

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