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Visualisierung von Transitionen zwischen und auf Webseiten für Usability-Studien mit Eyetracking

26.06.20. Bachelor thesis defense. [mehr lesen...]

An embedded, ontology-based auto-completion for SPARQL

26.06.20. Bachelor thesis defense. [mehr lesen...]

Abstract Argumentation Frameworks with Fallible Evidence

04.06.20. We consider a generalisation of abstract argumentation frameworks where arguments need to be backed by pieces of evidence in order to be actually present in the argumentation framework. [mehr lesen...]

Time translation symmetry breaking explains condensations in preferential attachment models

12.03.20. We propose a novel analytical framework for a general set of preferential attachment network models, where we express the network growth as an eigensystem. [mehr lesen...]

Improving User Experience of Eye Tracking-Based Interaction: Introspecting and Adapting Interfaces

05.03.20. We propose the efficient introspection of interfaces to retrieve the interface semantics and adapt the interaction with eye gaze. [mehr lesen...]

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