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Debugging OWL Ontologies using Contextual Knowledge

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Today as ontologies play a main role in establishing semantic web, many ontologies have been developed to model real world concepts and relations between them. Due to modeling errors occurred in designing ontologies, an ontology may carry wrong knowledge. Also, reasoning and answering to queries in these ontologies result in wrong knowledge extraction. Debugging these faulty ontologies by human expert can be so difficult as the size and the expressiveness of ontologies are increased day by day. While syntactic errors can be detect and solved by mostly ontology editing tools (e.g. Protégé ) but semantic errors are hard to resolved. So finding automatic methods to debug ontologies has received much attention in last years. A major defect of current methods is that they don’t consider correctness of the knowledge represented in ontology and only try to find incoherences and inconsistencies. In these approaches, problem of debugging incorrect knowledge is reduced to eliminating incoherency and inconsistency. While an ontology can be coherent and consistent but it still may carry incorrect knowledge. The main focus of this research is to find hidden bugs in ontologies using contextual knowledge in order to achieve ontologies with higher qualities.

03.09.15 - 10:15
B 016