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Understanding Reference Items in Social Sciences

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Dr. Zeyd Boukhers

In the EXCITE project, we have narrowed the gap of the lag between social sciences and other fields in terms of citation data availability. This has been achieved by extracting, parsing and matching references from PDF documents. During the project, we have found that a lot of references are not indexed in any bibliographic index.In spite of the performance of EXCITE, this issue reduces its utility, where the main goal of EXCITE is to link references to their sources. In this talk, I will present our perception to overcome this problem by reducing the number of what we call "non-source reference items" to its lowest possible level. This challenging problem requires a deep understanding of these items. We mean by reference understanding, the investigation in the causes that made them absent in the bibliographic indices. Furthermore, I will present our proposed research methods that take as input the extracted reference items from EXCITE with the aim of finding their sources.

04.07.19 - 10:15
B 016