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Lare - a new technology for stateful single-page applications

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Jonas Braun

The aim of this thesis is to improve and benchmark Lare - A new technology for stateful single-page applications. Lare is a front- and backend technology, devel- oped to easily improve web sites with the use of AJAX but without the disadvan- tages of it regarding browser functionality, SEO and user experience. The thesis first presents Lare and describes how a realisation of it ideally should be structured. In a second stage a PHP backend, called PHP-lare and the matching Twig extension Twig-lare are introduced using those concepts. Additionally the ex- isting JavaScript frontend lare.js and the django backend django-lare are refactored considering these guidelines. Finally Lare gets evaluated in form of benchmarks us- ing cURL for plain HTTP requests and Selenium for retrieving web pages including all resources. For this purpose a sample web application is implemented using PHP, Twig and the matching Lare plugins. The results of this evaluation show that Lare satisfies it’s expectations regarding browser functionality and improves the load times of single-page applications. The effect of Lare varies depending on the page from 5% load time of common HTTP requests up to 95%.

06.08.15 - 10:15
B 016