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Discovering Visual Stimuli of Dynamic User Interface

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Raphael Menges

Analyses of graphical interface usability commonly inquire how a static stimulus (a static Web page, a static Swing interface, etc.) is aligned with responses of users, such as mouse or eye movements, mouse clicks or keyboard entries. Then, a usability expert may interpret the numerical statistics, or a visualization thereof, gain insights and suggest improvements to the graphical user interface (GUI). Nowadays, however, GUIs exhibit rich behaviors of their own, choreographing dynamic elements and orchestrating dynamic reactions to user responses rendering common methods for analysis of GUI usability increasingly difficult, if not impossible. To address this problem, we propose an automated approach for identifying stimuli and delineating them from each other, such that user responses may be properly grouped according to the stimuli the users encountered.

08.08.19 - 10:15
B 016