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Usage of Graph Query Languages in Open Source Java Projects

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Philipp Seifer

Specialized query languages, such as Cypher for property graphs or SPARQL for RDF, facilitate their use. In this empirical study, we investigate the usageof several graph related query languages in open-source Java projects. We select repositories based on dependencies related to the technologies and employ various popularity and source-code based filters and ranking features for a targeted selection of projects. For SPARQL and Cypher, we analyze the popularity and activity of repositories over time. For SPARQL, we identify common application domains, investigate query use and existence of ontological data modeling in applications that query for concrete instance data. Our results indicate that the usage of graph query languages in open-source projects increased over the last years, with SPARQL and Cypher being by far the most popular. SPARQL projects are more active in terms of query related artifact changes and unique developers involved, but Cypher is catching up.

08.10.19 - 10:15
B 017