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Knowledge Graph: Using Linked Data for fulfilling information needs in a business enterprise

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Dominik Brosius

This presentation deals with the question of how linked data can be used to improve the search for information in a business enterprise.
The aimed goal was the development of a concept for a knowledge graph to improve the company's internal data structure as well as the search for information within the company.
For this purpose, a case study was conducted in cooperation with a media company. Based on expert interviews, problems in the search for information were identified in the context of an information requirement analysis. As a solution, a concept for a knowledge graph was developed to provide the media company with a controlled vocabulary in the form of an ontology. In addition, the integration of external Linked Open Data into the internal data base as well as a synchronous query of this data may be possible.
As a result, a qualitative as well as quantitative improvement of the search results could be demonstrated using an exemplary SPARQL query. The insights gained give reason to believe that  with a practical implementation of the developed concept, promising results could be achieved.

08.12.16 - 10:15
B 016