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AbstractSwarm – A Generic Graphical Modeling Language and Simulation System for Multi-Agent Models

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Daan Apeldoorn

Approaches for multi-agent systems range from frameworks dedicated to specific problem domains to very flexible systems similar to text-based or graphical programming languages. While problem domain specific frameworks have an obvious lack of flexibility (and thus can only be customized for a small set of similar problems), the more flexible systems require detailed modeling, in which many aspects of both the environment and the agent behavior have to be implemented manually. With AbstractSwarm a generic graphical modeling language and simu- lation system is introduced which is based on generalized logistics problems as a common base for modeling and solving problems as multi- agent systems. By strictly separating the modeling of agent tasks from the agent behavior, the same agents can be reused in any scenario. The simulation results provided by the system serve as a simple and clear criterion to evaluate and compare agent behavior across problems of different domains.

09.01.14 - 09:15
B 017