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Recent Work on Network Visualization

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In this talk, I will present my recent work on visualization on networks. I'll show a series of old and new ways of drawing graphs, from KONECT, SocialSensor and work on LiquidFeedback. The presentation will show: (a) Drawing networks with the Laplacian. (b) Drawing networks with PageRank. (c) Drawing networks with Delaunay triangulations. (d) Visualizing networks by downcopying of graph properties. Cases (a) and (b) are classical and serve as an introduction. Case (c) is used for the work on LiquidFeedback and KONECT. Case (d) is used on SocialSensor, and may become a publication. The component implementing case (d) is called SynGraphy and is part of SocialSensor's Work Package 5.

09.10.14 - 10:15
B 016