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Co-operating Systems based on SoLiD

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Henry Story

SoLiD is the Social Linked Data platform developed by Tim Berners Lee's Group at the Distributed Information Group
at MIT, which extends the web  to move us from a hyper text browser web to a hyper data application web. Henry will
give an overview of the architecture of this project, philosophical issues that spawn it, and technical issues that he
discovered while building both server and client applications for it.

Henry Story studied philosophy in the 1980ies as an undergraduate at Kings College London, finished an MSc in
computer science at Imperial College London, worked at AltaVista on the BabelFish machine Translation engine in the
1990 ies and researched applications for the Semantic Web at Sun Microsystems France, starting from work in the
blogosphere. Currently Henry is doing a PhD at Southampton under Dame Wendy Hall on, and
lives in Bavaria where he likes to go skiing on the off-piste of the Zugspitze in Telemark style.

11.05.17 - 10:15
B 016