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Benchmarks for SPARQL Property Paths

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Adrian Skubella

The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a triple based representation of directed graphs with labelled edges. With the emergence of RDF graphs special databases, called RDF stores, were developed. In order to query graphs, which are stored in these RDF stores, the query language SPARQL Protocol And Query Language (SPARQL) is used. With the help of this query language it is possible to describe subgraphs with a fixed number of edges, containing the desired information. In march 2013 SPARQL 1.1 was released. The newly introduced property paths make it possible to describe subgraphs with an arbitrary amount of edges. This feature was implemented into the different RDF stores. In order to compare the implementations of property paths of the different RDF stores a set of metrics is needed. Benchmarks can provide such metrics. The development of such a benchmark and the comparison of different RDF stores based on this benchmark are the substance of this bachelor thesis.

11.08.16 - 10:15
B 016