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SQDC Detection towards Rumours

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Ipek Baris

People widely use online social media to search for authorised information, disseminate and communication during breaking events such as natural disasters, political elections. On the other hand, along with verified information, it is also used to spread rumours which might cause undesirable circumstances. Therefore, early detection of emerging rumours is crucial task to deal with them, and challenging due to lack of sufficient information on circulating rumour.

To tackle this problem, RumourEval was launched with two subtasks namely SQDC (Support-Query-Deny-Comment) and veracity prediction, in 2017. The goal of SQDC is to label the type of interaction between a rumourous tweet and a reply tweet, as support, query, deny or comment. Other task is to predict the veracity of a given rumour.

In this talk, top two best performing approach for SQDC task and an approach which uses result of SQDC task as a feature for other task and was accepted as state of art in veracity prediction, will be discussed. Furthermore a proposed approach for RumourEval 2019 will be presented.

11.10.18 - 10:15
B 016