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Recognition for work in microtask crowdsourcing

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Microtask crowdsourcing has shown to be a successful method for engaging humans to accomplish tasks that, even simple and repetitive, cannot so effectively be carried out by fully automatic techniques. With an increasing micro-labor supply and a larger available workforce, new microtask platforms have emerged providing an extensive list of marketplaces where microtasks are offered by requesters and completed by crowd workers. One of the aspects of micro work that remains under discussion is the process of quality assurance. Besides methods to identify inappropriate actions (e.g. scammers), finding a suitable match between available microtasks and crowd workers has been acknowledged as a promising way to improve the quality of crowd work. We propose a mechanism to promote work experience across the different marketplaces that enables crowd workers to share a more detailed description of their expertise. In this talk I will introduce the crowd work CV, an ontology-based data model that captures crowd workers' interests, qualifications and work history.

12.06.14 - 08:15
B 016