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Tweety: A Comprehensive Collection of Java Libraries for Logical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Representation

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Tweety is an open source project for scientific experimentation on logical aspects of artificial intelligence and particularly knowledge representation. Tweety provides a general framework for implementing and testing knowledge representation formalisms in a way that is familiar to researchers used to logical formalizations. This framework is very general, widely applicable, and can be used to implement a variety of knowledge representation formalisms from classical logics, over logic programming and computational models for argumentation, to probabilistic modeling approaches. Tweety already contains over 15 different knowledge representation formalisms and allows easy computation of examples, comparison of algorithms and approaches, and benchmark tests. This paper gives an overview on the technical architecture of Tweety and a description of its different libraries. We also provide two case studies that show how Tweety can be used for empirical evaluation of different problems in artificial intelligence.

13.03.14 - 09:15
B 016