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SemGIS Project - Introduction and current status

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Timo Homburg

In geographic information systems (GIS), heterogenous data can be seen as a major obstacle for a project-oriented integration. Usually data has to be integrated into a single system and conversion mechanisms have to be implemented.

Additionally, if data needs to be kept updated within this integrated system, the need for a continous updating process is crucial.

To overcome this initial obstacle and to further enhance knowledge management with geospatial data the SemGIS project proposes a semantic layer, a so-called broker ontology, on top of heterogenous data sources while accessing the original data sources in a direct fashion.

The broker ontology is generated using (semi-)automatic knowledge extraction processes on available heterogenous data sets, thereby extracting Classes, Dataproperties and various Annotations and serves as a basis for the execution of (Geo)SPARQL queries on heterogenous data. Enriched with various other LOD sources, the project aims to benefit the geospatial community and contribute to the understanding and management of geospatial datasources in the Semantic Web community.

The talk will introduce the project, present the extraction and query mechanism concept, discuss problems with special data sources, discuss future steps of development and the integration with local WeST projects.

13.08.15 - 10:15
B 016