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Introduction to biofeedback via self tracking of heart rate variability

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Tracking ones heart rate (especially RR-Intervals) can be very effective for a persons health. Via the Baevsky stress index with the help of simple statistics one can determine if a person is stressed or chilled. Stress levels over a certain threshold correlate with headache and sleep problems. Also the chances for person to become heart sick or develop psychological diseases like a burn out will be increased. In order to cure psychological diseases like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) tracking a persons stress level can be of large help. In this presentation Rene Pickhardt will show his results from 60 days of self tracking. In particular he discusses if one should really use the Baevsky Stress index or if other measures like the PN50 are more suitable. Finally he will talk about processing data streams of RR-Intervals and online anomaly detection with the help of the CUSUM method. Applying this measure he is able to detect particular stressful or chilling moments in realtime which can be valuable biofeedback for people suffering from PTSD.

14.01.16 - 10:15
B 016