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Programming with RDF and Shape Constraints

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Martin Leinberger

RDF offers a flexibility that is desireable in many situation such as data exchange, integration or knowledge representation. However, a program usually consumes precise substructures of such graph data. The
flexibility of RDF forces a developer to take special care when designing such programs in order to avoid runtime errors. Ideally, we could leverage type systems to avoid possible runtime errors. The Shape Constraint Language (SHACL) is a relatively new way of structural validation on RDF data sources. An Integration of SHACL into a type system can be used for an automatic detection of runtime errors.

As programs usually access data through queries, an integration has two challenges to solve: (1), the inference of shapes from queries and (2) the actual integration into existing mechanisms of the type system such
as the subtyping mechanism. This talk outlines an possible solution for each of the two challenges.

14.06.18 - 10:15
B 016